Fluxes for Silver Brazing Alloys

Their use is essential in the soldering/brazing processes. Heating a metal surface accelerates the formation of oxides, the result of chemical combination between the hot metal and oxygen in the air. This oxide layer has to be removed before brazing, and the formation of a new oxide layer has to be prevented or they will inhibit the filler metal from wetting and bonding to the surfaces.

Product Code Standards Form Chemical Composition Application
DIN 8511 EN 1045 AWS A5.31
045 F-SH1 FH10 FB3-F powder Complex Fluorides and Boron components Brazing of Steel, Copper and Copper alloys and Silver alloys
055 F-SH1 FH10 FB3-F powder
056 F-SH1 FH10 FB3-F paste
076         Brown brazing flux Trifoil/Sandwich/Trimetal silver brazing strips for Tungsten Carbide cutting tools