Trifoil/Sandwich/Trimetal Silver Brazing Strips for TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) Saw Blades

Trifoil/Sandwich/Tri-metal Silver Brazing Strips
Product Code Standards Composition % Melting Range ºC
EN 1044 AWS 5.8 DIN 8513 Ag Cu Zn Other
7049 AG 502 BAg-22 - 49 17 22 5 7,0Mn 625-705

Sandwich / Trifoil is a composite material with the brazing filler metal on either side of a central copper core. FORTEBRAZE sandwich/trifoil strips are ideal for brazing large caarbide pieces of more than 2 mm in any dimensions. Sandwich/Trifoil is designed to artificially thicken a joint,relieving stress and reducing the incidence ofcracking. The additions of manganese improveswetting on difficult to wet grades of carbide.

  Available Dimensions
Thickness: min 0.2 mm
Width: 2 - 80 mm